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The Motivation Myth
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The Motivation Myth

How High Achievers set themselves up to win

The Motivation Myth reveals that motivation is, contrary to common belief, not the impulse that allows us to achieve our goals, but it is rather the result of a process. Jeff Haden demonstrates a plan that will allow us to live our dreams big and achieve our goals. As a result, leading us to change our mindset about motivation and success.

The Motivation Myth
Read in 12 min.
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You can do and be much more than you think

The idea that motivation is a prerequisite or a spark necessary to embark on the road to success is an insidious myth. Motivation is really a result. It is the result of a process and it grows with the satisfaction of seeing ourselves making progress day after day.

Motivation is not something you have, but something you automatically get when you achieve even the smallest successes. It is the feeling of fulfilment and gratification generated by dopamine, a hormone that is triggered each time you achieve something.

Success is a process that is repeatable and predictable. It has little to do with hoping, praying and wishing, but a lot to do with acting, diligence and doing the right thing in the right way, over and over again.

The road towards a goal is full of countless hours of work and sacrifice that equate to countless feel-good opportunities for what has been achieved along the way. Part of the satisfaction can be found in the sense of achievement, but the real source of lasting happiness lies in the process.

You should stop thinking that one day you’ll be happy with yourself. You can start being happy today.


The key ideas of "The Motivation Myth"

You can do and be much more than you think
Motivation is not a spark
The greater the focus, the lower the chance of success
The goal determines the process
How to create a successful process
Happiness comes from serial success
To gain incredible willpower ... you should need less willpower
How to have a more productive mindset in 5 steps
How to have willpower without needing willpower
The philosophy of willpower
The key to change
You don't need a coach, but an expert
Where dreams can take us
Take-home message
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