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The Multi-Hyphen Method

Regain control and develop a career that suits you

In the job market, more and more multi-hyphenate figures are emerging, which means that they are capable of combining various profiles. It will not be difficult for you, for example, to meet a pizza maker-blogger-author. There can be multiple advantages to having a multi-hyphenate career, such as having more options in today's job market or being able to balance work and family life more easily. Still, there are often obstacles that prevent us from bringing these changes into our lives, such as fear of failure, the idea of working alone, etc. In The Multi-Hyphen Method we will analyze these advantages and fears, and discover what tools will serve us if we decide to include these changes in our life or work.

The Multi-Hyphen Method
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What does it mean to be multi-hyphenate and what are its advantages?

When it comes to your career, have you ever felt like you are trying to get somewhere, but never reach your destination? What if success was actually something totally different for each one of us? We don't have to choose a single "job" or be good at one thing. There are many advantages and possibilities to having a multifaceted career. Those who choose this strategy are called multi-hyphenate, because their professional title often contains multiple descriptions, separated by hyphens (pizza maker-blogger-book author).

Being multi-hyphenate means choosing and developing an attack plan, and having the freedom to undertake different projects, without being backed against a wall. It means taking a chance on a lifestyle. Regaining some control.

Taking a chance on this type of career means ensuring that you won't become obsolete in a rapidly changing job market. It means diversifying to be in the best position in order to have a long and thriving career, especially in a time when everything seems to be out of our control.


The key ideas of "The Multi-Hyphen Method"

What does it mean to be multi-hyphenate and what are its advantages?
What is the correct definition of success?
The common characteristics of the different generations
Change our idea of success to become multi-hyphenate
Create a new work "self"
Find your work balance
Work and private life: how to behave?
The tools of the multi-hyphen method
The Four F's - Failure, Feminism, Flexibility and Feelings
"Online" vs. "offline" connections
Our relationship with money
Take-home message

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