The One Thing
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The One Thing

Avoid wasting energy to achieve your life’s goals

Many people don't get the results they want, because they waste their energy on doing too much. To achieve great results, it is essential that we identify what is most important to us and that we act on that one thing, with focus, activating a powerful domino effect, which will then lead, by taking one step in front of the other, to ultimate success. The One Thing explains how to choose that one thing to focus on, at any given time, and how to be able to keep our focus on it, so that we can achieve extraordinary results in every area of life.

The One Thing
Read in 15 min.
Listen in 19 min.

Take advantage of focus and the domino effect to achieve extraordinary results

Many people don't achieve the results that they aspire to, because they complicate their lives by trying to work on too many things at once, with endless to-do lists. The truth is, that not everything is equally important, and in order to obtain extraordinary results it is essential that we know how to identify what our priorities are, and then work on that one thing with the highest level of focus we can muster. Our focus will allow us to activate a powerful domino effect, generating our success in a single-minded sequence, one step after another, one small achievement at a time. It is no coincidence that highly successful companies are often famous for a single product or service: they have found their "one thing" and they bet everything on that.. On a personal level, focusing on one thing, with passion and dedication, leads us to devote a lot of time to the practice of that thing, and this translates into mastery and improved results. It is clear that the road towards “more” has to pass through “less”, but the question is: where do we start? The challenge is to find our focal point, that one thing that can fuel a virtuous circle of passion, skill and concentration, and lead us to excellent results. We mustn’t stop looking for it until we find it.


The key ideas of "The One Thing"

Take advantage of focus and the domino effect to achieve extraordinary results
The six myths that keep you from success
An easy way to productivity: the focus question
The formula for achieving excellence: purpose, priority and productivity
The three commitments to yourself to conquer your "one thing"
Take-home message
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