The Order of Time

Carlo Rovelli

The Order of Time



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Time is one of life’s greatest mysteries, and one which humans have forever been trying to solve. The nature of time even eludes the greatest specialised physicists, but we can now be certain of one thing: our perception of time, as well as our concept of the present and the future, is completely wrong. By reviewing some of the macro changes in scientific thinking, and examining the most recent theories, Carlo Rovelli takes us on an extraordinary journey that dismantles our idea of time, piece by piece, and goes on to rebuild it on much more solid foundations.

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Analysis and key concepts


The nature of time is one of life’s great mysteries, but the idea of time we have as human beings is distorted by our perception


Time does not actually have a direction, even though humans reason in terms of past, present, and future


Time depends on the speed at which a body is moving, and it makes no sense to speak about a present moment that is simultaneously shared everywhere in the universe


Measuring time means measuring the changes that take place in things and events


Time has no direction: there is no difference between past and future according to the laws that govern the world


The world is a series of events, not objects, and things take place over time, they do not simply exist


We can define the world by eliminating the variable of time, and using other variables that still describe and measure it


Time is ignorance. Our approach shows that we know very little about the world we live in


The world moves from a state of low entropy, to one in which entropy is increasing


The phenomenon humans perceive as the “present time” is what happens inside time




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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn about some basic concepts of physics and the world we live in.
  • Understand how our idea of time is distorted by our perception.
  • Discover a concept of time that is based on the latest scientific findings.

Carlo Rovelli is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Aix-Marseille, and is best known for his work on quantum gravity. He is one of the founders of the loop quantum gravity theory, which is now among the most studied in the field. In addition to his academic and research work, he is also the author of numerous books that have been translated into more than forty languages, including Reality Is Not What It Seems, which received the Galileo Literary Prize for scientific dissemination, and Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.

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