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The Perfect Day to Boss Up
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Rick Ross , Neil Martinez-Belkin

The Perfect Day to Boss Up

Rapper Rick Ross' long road to success

Rick Ross is a successful rapper, and a successful entrepreneur in a variety of industries. We can learn a lot from his life in his book, The Perfect Day To Boss Up. During the pandemic, Rick Ross took the time to put his life in words, describing events from his past, which can also teach us some valuable lessons. His road to success was certainly not an easy one, but he explains that it is vital that we learn to accept defeat and failures, and turn them into experience, so that we can evolve and improve every day. The secret of success lies in developing this capacity, in surrounding ourselves with the right people, being fully committed to what we love, but above all, in having a clear vision of what we want, and pursuing it with everything we have.

The Perfect Day to Boss Up
Read in 15 min.
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Creating a healthy balance between lens focus and peripheral vision

This book begins during the hiatus that Rick Ross, like everyone else, was forced to take in the early months of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the rapper's main sources of income is concerts and live shows, which naturally ground to a complete halt during this time.

As well as being a well known artist, Rick Ross is also a successful entrepreneur: he owns a record label, has written a bestselling book, rents out his house for film shoots, and owns brands and properties in the industries of fast food, snacks, cannabis, wine and spirits, beard and hair products for men, and much more. That said, in 2020, his goal to increase his economic wealth even further was severely affected. 

However, he soon realised that, as far as he was concerned, the pandemic could turn out to be an opportunity. So, he took refuge in his huge estate, The Promise Land, and reflected on how he had recently begun to spend the majority of his time on making money, reaching 100 million in sales, meanwhile however, he was working way too hard, and at the expense of everything else. It has to be said that he had really enjoyed the ride, but he had also given up a lot. Before the pandemic, he had tunnel vision, and was totally focused on one single goal, but this mindset is often a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it is often the fastest way to get what we want and remove any distractions, but it also makes us lose sight of the important things in life.

While it is great to have objectives, there are other things that are equally important, such as our health, children, and friends. So, we need to avoid getting trapped in our own one track mind, by finding a balance between focussing on our goals, and maintaining our peripheral vision, which allows us to enjoy the important things along the way. 

When we are forced into taking a break, such as happened during the pandemic, it can give us the chance to take a step back, and realise that different situations require different approaches. It is crucial that we keep an eye on the bigger picture, and adapt our plans and priorities to the changing circumstances. As Bruce Lee used to say, sometimes we have to be like water, which flows freely, shapelessly, and which immediately adapts to the shape of the container it is poured into.


The key ideas of "The Perfect Day to Boss Up"

Creating a healthy balance between lens focus and peripheral vision
It is pointless making excuses, because no one else will solve our problems for us
Rome was not built in a day: success requires patience, work, and planning
A real boss has a beginner's mentality
We need to let our money work for us, because time is precious, and it cannot be bought
Concrete action, considered choices, loyal employees: the secrets of real success
Visualising success is as important as learning from failure
Our morality is everything: it is essential to be fully committed and true to who we are
Take-home message
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