The Physics of Climate Change

Lawrence Krauss

The Physics of Climate Change



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Author Lawrence Krauss presents the science of climate change in a way that is accessible to us all, enlightening us with the facts of this critical global emergency, immediately grabbing our attention, and motivating us into turning our concern into actions for safeguarding our planet. Delivered with eloquence and urgency, The Physics of Climate Change is a brief and brilliant summary of what physicists know about climate change and how they know it.

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Analysis and key concepts


The Mekong River provides livelihoods for tens of millions of people and is in serious danger due to climate change


The mechanisms that govern the greenhouse effect were discovered as early as the 19th century


One thing we know for certain about global warming is that even if we stop all CO2 emissions immediately, the Earth’s temperature will not decrease


There cannot be a discussion about global warming without covering thermal expansion of water and changes in precipitation


The melting of glaciers is extremely troubling, especially in the Arctic


The bleaching of the coral reef, the deforestation of the Amazon, and the melting of the permafrost


Taking a trip across the Mekong River enables you to see the extent of the damage, and that nothing is being done to stop it




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Lawrence Krauss is an internationally renowned physicist and astronomer, bestselling author, and former chair of the physics department at Case Western Reserve University. He is currently president of an association that deals with outreach, known as The Origins Project Foundation, and also hosts a podcast on the same topic. During his illustrious career, Krauss has taught at several prestigious universities, including Harvard and Yale. He gives talks around the world, and writes articles for various magazines, such as The New York Times and The New Yorker.

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