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The Power of Moments

Leaving our comfort zone to live memorable experiences

There are decisive moments throughout our lives, memorable experiences that have the power to change our life. These moments can arrive by chance, but what if we knew how to create them? Some experiments have demonstrated how our brain remembers only moments, within an experience, that have made a difference, that have changed our lives. In The Power of Moments we will find examples of people who have "taken control" of their lives to change it for the better.

The Power of Moments
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Many useful tips to:

  • Transform your business from a regular no-complaints service into something extraordinary.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and discover your potential.
  • Never miss a moment and turn each one into an opportunity.

The author of the book:

Chip Heath is a professor of Organisational Behaviour at Stanford Graduate School of Business.He has helped more than 450 start-ups to hone their company strategy and their message. He lives in Los Gatos, California.

Dan Heath is a senior fellow at Duke University's CASE Center, which supports businesses that campaign for social good. He lives in Durham, North Carolina. Their books are bestsellers: they have sold more than two million copies worldwide and have been translated into thirty-three languages.


Where do decisive moments come from

Sooner or later we all find ourselves in decisive moments, living experiences that stick in our memories and change our lives.

These moments seem to be the work of destiny or luck, but if we learn to recognise their elements, we can begin to create them.

Why should we want to create decisive moments? To enrich our lives, to connect better with others and to make us remember.

Human behavioural research has shown that when we think back on an experience we tend to forget a lot of what happened and focus on just a few key moments. For example, we forget how long something lasted, but we recall two key moments: the best moment (the super moment) and the end.

Decisive moments originate from one or more of the following elements:

  • Elevation (moments in our daily life that transcend the normal course of events);
  • Insight (experiences that change our understanding of ourselves and the world, that make us aware of something that has changed in our lives);
  • Pride (experiences that capture us at our best, when we are being challenged);
  • Connection (social experiences that we share with others)

All these decisive moments generate positive emotions, but they can also cause negative emotions such as anger and pain (moments of suffering).


The key ideas of "The Power of Moments"

Where do decisive moments come from
Learning to think ‘in moments’ and to recognise what to remember
Creating super moments
Creating memorable moments by breaking the script
Trip over the truth to find solutions
Stretch for insight
Recognising others’ work to create moments of pride
Multiply meaningful milestones to reach success
Practice courage to be ready to act
Create a shared meaning to create decisive moments
Creating deeper ties within a team
Find a way to make moments matter
Take-home message

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