The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now



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Our mind is a powerful instrument, so much so, that it can take control and cause us to live a life without awareness or meaning. It is possible, however, to learn to observe our thoughts and enter into a deeper relationship with our true self, by practicing the technique of connecting with our “inner body”, as taught in this life-altering book, The Power of Now. Much more than a manual, this book, by Eckkart Tolle, is a guide to the rediscovery of the “deeper I”, and on how this can transform our entire existence. 

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Analysis and key concepts


We are all capable of making the deep transformation that releases us from being a slave to our minds and allows us to enter into a state of enlightenment and awareness


The mind can become our worst enemy when it enters into compulsive thinking. Being unable to stop constant thinking is a condition that we are unaware of, and from which almost all of us suffer. This is why we tend to think of it as normal


As we grow up, we each form a mental image of ourselves, but we risk constructing our whole identity based on external conditioning, a ghost of our true selves, who we will call the “ego”


It is possible to get to know your mind by paying attention to your body: emotions are in fact the mind’s most authentic reflex and we feel them on a physical level


“The narrow gate that leads to life” is a poetic definition of what we call NOW. There are techniques and practical exercises that allow us to live in a state of awareness


“Being in our body” allows us an awareness that can heal: many illnesses can take hold when we are not fully present in our body


Waiting is a state of mind that shows us the degree to which we are projected towards the future, rejecting the present: what we have vs what we lack




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Free yourself from the slavery of compulsive thinking.
  • Experience the Power of Now, which is to live every single moment of your life to its fullest.
  • Learn techniques and exercises to help live your life with awareness.

Eckhart Tolle, a German writer and speaker, is author of the best-selling books The Power of Now and A New Earth. His teachings are not part of any doctrine or religion, yet The New York Times called him “the most famous author on spirituality in America”. His main principle is that the human ego has a destructive nature, and we need to learn to distance ourselves from it and “let it be”, to be able to live a peaceful and balanced life.

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