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The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

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The ability to communicate one’s ideas, values and faith in a product is not a gift we’re all simply born with, but as The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, suggests, by watching those who do it best, we can definitely learn. Personal drive, together with some serious preparation, will enable you to communicate effectively, make yourself understood and earn the audience’s appreciation, without the risk of boring a single member of your audience.

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
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Stories are the key component in effective communication

People like Steve Jobs and like the speakers featured in TED Talks (TED standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design) have become the point of reference de rigueur for anyone wanting to learn to communicate effectively: these speakers are capable of changing the way people see the world with one brief presentation (in an average time of just fifteen minutes). Translated into 90 languages and with millions of views, TED Talks contribute to a global spread of knowledge in every discipline, from arts to economics, from health to technology, from science to current social issues.

Looking at them as a whole, it is clear from the TED Talks that the key component of effective communication is the ability to tell stories, and it is evident that they all comprise three must-have ingredients: they are "touching", that is, capable of striking an emotional chord; they are innovative, so they teach you something new; and finally, they make an ever-lasting impression, meaning they are really and truly memorable.


The key ideas of "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs"

Stories are the key component in effective communication
Choose what to communicate: passion is the starting point, because it has an impact on the brain
Storytelling: MRI shows that storytelling stimulates and activates the brain
To speak naturally in public requires great preparation: practicing and rehearsing your speech in all its details is essential
The novelty effect and emotions help the brain to memorise information
The ideal duration of a presentation is 18 minutes: any cognitive load beyond this threshold creates anxiety
Information is remembered more easily if it is transmitted in a multi-sensory way
Take-home message

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