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The Profitable Content System

The method for planning and optimizing content that sells

The Profitable Content System is a method for planning and optimizing Web content,leading directly to sales, and ultimately generating profit. By considering the different types of potential customers, Meera Kothard explains - in eight steps - how to implement a product or service campaign using content that will translate into a specific business goal. Her method will teach you how to manage a steady and adequate workflow, devoid of unnecessary stress, that can maximize your efforts and minimize your distractions.

The Profitable Content System
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The big, bold promise: you can create content that sells

As its name implies, this book presents a system designed to create profitable content. When applied, sales follow naturally, allowing your messages to be more compelling and creating a relationship of trust with your audience, who will see you as an expert in your field. When it comes to content and sales, we can divide entrepreneurs into two camps:

  • The first camp - is convinced that in order to sell, it is enough to upload an image or a call to action in a post, or to insert a link to their online store page. Bad news: 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy. Content is a tool designed to attract new readers, in order to provide precisely the answers they are looking for at that moment. Having a knowledge of the funnel concept is important to understand the different characteristics of the people who engage with your brand at any given time, as well as to create an adequate and accurate content map. If you belong to this first camp, convinced that sales-generating content is a link to your sales page or an image of your offer, you will soon change your mind.
  • The second camp - separates content from sales. For those who belong to this group, the goal of the content is to create more traffic, while that of sales is to sell more or to attract more customers. There is nothing wrong with having thousands of monthly visits to our website, but it is useless if you cannot monetize them. Content alone is not a great help to your brand, as you can create a large amount of traffic and not earn anything if this traffic does not include the users who want to buy from your store. The best way to do this is to turn the readers of a website into subscribers of a mailing list, because the larger the mailing list, the more sales you will make.

The key ideas of "The Profitable Content System"

The big, bold promise: you can create content that sells
Content is never an end in itself
The Profitable Content System - Turn your user into a client
Ten questions for each stage: create different content according to the customers’ level of awareness
Planning profitable campaigns
How to implement the campaigns
The Profitable Content System in 8 steps
How to incorporate the content system into your workflow
Making the most of existing content
The SNAP recipe for content creation: how to take advantage of the Netflix experience
Take-home message

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