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The Resilience Project

How to improve our emotional and mental well-being

The Resilience Project stems from the idea that resilience is the most important skill that a child can develop. A resilient child has a higher probability of being able to deal with and overcome the inevitable challenges that life throws their way. Hugh van Cuylenburg has created a project, which is spreading throughout Australia, to improve the mental well-being of all students through the use of three simple and effective practices: gratitude, empathy and meditation. The project has proven to be so effective, that it has been adopted in both the worlds of work and of sport.

The Resilience Project
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A personal crisis can help you find your goal in life

The Resilience Project is the result of two experiences that marked Hugh Van Cuylenburg’s life. The first of these was an event that involved the author himself and is about his twelve year old sister, who was suffering from an illness. For four long years, his sister, Georgia, suffered from anorexia nervosa, completely turning the harmonious balance in their household upside down. They were a picture perfect family, two kind and affectionate parents and three happy, sensitive kids, who suddenly found themselves thrown into the depths of hell.

The second meaningful experience in van Cuylenburg’s life is connected to the time he spent in a little village in the middle of nowhere in North India, in 2008, while he was teaching English as a volunteer. They had no electricity, no running water and not even a comfortable bed to sleep in, but the children that went to the little school he taught in, all had one distinguishing feature: they were happy!

How could it possibly be that a group of kids  who basically had nothing,  were so full of joy? And how was it possible on the other hand, that a child who grew up in a caring family, in a rich, modern environment, who went to one of the best schools in the city, could suffer four long years of an eating disorder?

The Resilience Project was started because of a keen desire to answer these questions.


The key ideas of "The Resilience Project"

A personal crisis can help you find your goal in life
The secret of gratitude lies in being able to recognise the value in what we have
Empathy means being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and being kind to them
The power of mindfulness: being present when, whatever happens, happens
We learn better when we feel good: a positive and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom is a necessary prerequisite for learning
Experience the GEM strategy (gratitude, empathy and mindfulness) every day at an Australian school
Feeling gratitude is scientifically proven to increase our wellbeing
The creation of The Resilience Project
We need to be aware of how much time we spend in front of our screens, because that is time taken away from human interaction
Sports people also want to be happy: The Resilience Project in the sports world
Gratitude, empathy and mindfulness are effective at work too
Take-home message

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