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There is a big difference between sellers and professional salespeople. Sellers are happy to present their offer and wait for the sale, whereas professionals have an arsenal of sales strategies which they put into practice when the time is right, and they are in control from the moment they meet their potential client. If you really want to sell, you have to become a successful salesperson, and start with the basics to move on to learning the most effective methods, many of which are outlined by sales expert Paul Anderson in his book The Sales Pro: Think Like A Pro, Act Like A Pro, Sell Like A Pro.

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Analysis and key concepts


To become a successful salesperson, you have to really believe in what you are selling


The secret to selling anything is to leverage differentiation


If you really want to sell, you need to choose the right sales cycle


The professional salesperson knows how to create a perfect situation by asking the right questions to the right people


There is a successful formula for giving a presentation that can help you close the deal




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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn to choose between a long and short sales cycle to increase your sales.
  • Find out how asking questions and providing answers to the right people is key to a successful career.
  • Learn to leverage products and services you really believe in to help you sell more easily.

Paul Anderson is an American professional salesman who, having started his sales career at a young age, quickly proved to be a talented salesman by selling his way to the top of a Fortune 100 company, and receiving over twenty sales awards within just a few years. At the age of 25, he was elected as a member of the order of sales excellence, earning the title "Machine, not a man". He has now been working in sales for 25 years, and combines his career as a salesman with teaching and writing. Anderson has written several books, including The Sales Pro: Think Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro, Sell Like a Pro, and The Sales Pro Meets His Mentor.

Publishing house:

Langdon Street Press