The Seasons of Life

Jim Rohn

The Seasons of Life



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The farmer bases his life on the changing seasons, which determine the right time for sowing, reaping, and harvesting. In The Seasons of Life, Jim Rohn takes examples from the world of agriculture, in order to explain that we are in control of what happens to us. Life follows the seasons: if we plant the seeds of success in spring, we will reap the benefits in winter. So, just as the seasons change, the difficult times in life shall also pass. Rohn, said to have been one of the greatest motivators ever known, also explains how we can learn from the past to make better decisions for the future.

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Analysis and key concepts


The greatest value of the past lies in how we invest its teachings in the future


To change our life, we need to change our attitude: with the right attitude, we can move mountains


We should learn to simply experience change, without letting ourselves be changed by it, just as the seasons do


In summer, we must protect and safeguard our seeds from the elements, weeds and insects, in order to encourage them to grow


Autumn is the time for evaluation when we see the results of what we have sown


We must learn to smile in the face of adversity because, like winter, it is a constant part of life. Through adversity, we grow and become worthy of success


Defeat allows us to make a fresh start. Obstacles and challenges shape our character and our will to succeed




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn to be grateful for life’s challenges, which allow us to grow.
  • Understand that what we do today affects our life tomorrow.
  • Discover that it is more important to take responsibility for our successes than to blame our failures on our circumstances.

Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. He started out as a warehouse worker, then became a businessman, and made his first million at the age of just 31. Following his achievements, in 1960, he was invited by the Rotary Club to give a speech on his personal rise to success. The event was so popular that he was soon asked to speak on more and more occasions. From that moment on, Rohn turned his attention to the world of personal development and growth and, for over 40 years, he helped millions of people around the world achieve wealth, happiness, and the life they had always wanted.

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