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The Soft Stuff

The Soft Stuff: Reclaiming kindness for the working world

Many of us don't realize how much we can affect our work environment. How can we find the energy and the will to do something to make the workplace kinder, fairer and more productive? In The Soft Stuff, Matt Dean provides food for thought and practical tools on how to regain the strength to finally unlock our real potential. Taking his personal battle with cancer as his starting point, he shows us how we can actually transform our work environment, turning it into a better place to be.

The Soft Stuff
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Many useful tips to:

  • Change the environment in which you work, when you do not know how.
  • Reflect on what is wrong with many working environments today, and why.
  • Learn to recognize the impact that each one of us can have on those around us.

The author of the book:

Matt Dean began his career as an employment lawyer in the late 1990s. In 2003, together with his wife Victoria Byrne, he founded the Byrne-Dean Agency, which offers consultancy and training services for companies in the field of human resources and employee relations.


An experience that changes the way we see the world

“In 2009 I was in a hospital bed, heavily sedated. I was being treated for neck and head cancer, and the situation seemed so desperate that my family was preparing to say goodbye to me for the last time.

Everyone has a special place in his mind, from which comes all that is good. If you can find this place, you can use it as a spark to change your life. It's about challenging what has become normal.”


The key ideas of "The Soft Stuff"

An experience that changes the way we see the world
A world ruled by bullies
What it means to have a sense of purpose
How companies manage equality issues
The importance of people within the company
Everyone can - and must - contribute to bringing about change
The importance of focusing on the present
The roles that each of us cover day-to-day
What it means to act with integrity
Take-home message

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