The Startup Canvas

Massimo Ciaglia

The Startup Canvas



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Startup Canvas is a dynamic tool containing the basic principles of founding a startup. It keeps the ever-evolving process on track, from the definition of the idea, to the strategy, and the execution stages. Its “circular” structure is designed to be used by the startup team every two weeks, when new information allows the project to be revised. Massimo Ciaglia designed and developed the model, and describes its evolution and use in The Startup Canvas. How to Turn an Idea into A Guaranteed Success.

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Analysis and key concepts


In order to define “startups”, we need to map out how to develop a successful business, and this must start with an innovative idea. It is therefore crucial to understand how a startup differs from other companies


Ideas should always be tested on the customers for whom it was designed: the risk of failure reduces significantly when the people who will use the product or service provide input from the initial stages of the project


The method of raising capital will change according to the different stages of the project: funding will evolve as the startup and its project progress


The vision, mission, and value proposition define a project and are indispensable when evaluating a startup’s chances of success – the same goes for the team


To understand and define the market, it is vital to identify suitable distribution and acquisition channels. These must be valuable, viable, and sustainable, and therefore able to grow over time


The “Startup Canvas” is a new and dynamic tool designed to integrate the techniques used to found a startup “from the problem to the execution”




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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand what a startup is, and how it differs from a traditional company.
  • Discover how fundraising activities work.
  • Learn how to use canvases to guide the development of your innovative project.

Massimo Ciaglia embarked on his startup career when he founded Euronet Consulting,which was acquired in the USA, and co-founded other startups in the ICT field. He has mentored many entrepreneurs and startups, and is CEO of Connectia, an advisory firm that offers consulting services to companies. He has created a tool for developing startup business models called “Startup Canvas”, which he explains in his book of the same name.

Publishing house:

Dario Flaccovio Editore