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The Success Principles

Discover the key principles that lead to personal fulfillment

Every day is the right day to begin to turn our lives around, and build the life we have always dreamt of. To get from where we are today, to where we have always wanted to be, we need to learn the principles that successful people apply to their lives, and commit to sticking to them: it is a slow, sometimes tiring, process, but it is one which can provide immense satisfaction, and give real meaning to our lives. In his book, The Success Principles, Jack Canfield explains those principles, providing us with a precious manual to accompany us on our journey to realisation.

The Success Principles
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By following just a few key principles, everyone can enjoy a successful life

We grow up convinced that success is a gift that destiny bestows upon the fortunate few, and that it is out of our reach. This isn’t strictly true: if we put the right amount of effort and commitment into what we choose to do, each and every one of us can be successful, and if only we were all taught this, we would all have a better chance of living a life that is full of achievements, satisfaction and meaning.  

Nobody deserves to wake up each morning weighed down by the anxiety and sadness at having to face another frustrating day, perhaps in an office, doing a job we don’t want to do, or pretending everything is ok when in fact our marriage is falling apart. Luckily, we all have an opportunity to choose to change anything that isn’t working in our lives, and to begin working on it right away: we just need to become familiar with a few rules and habits which, if carried out consistently, can slowly help us along the road to improvement.

In fact, being successful is never simply a matter of a stroke of luck or a gift that destiny hands us at birth: it is a journey that requires commitment, consistency, and hard work; not to mention resilience, and the will to overcome the obstacles and solve the problems that we will, no doubt, encounter along our journey to fulfilment.


The key ideas of "The Success Principles"

By following just a few key principles, everyone can enjoy a successful life
You cannot even think about becoming a winner unless you are prepared to get in the driving seat of your own life and turn it around
Every success story begins with the decision to get up and take action
Feedback and consistency are our two best allies on the journey to fulfilment
To turn your dreams into reality you need to select the right team
Our relationships play a key role in our success
Successful people have a healthy relationship with money
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