The Transgender Issue

Shon Faye

The Transgender Issue



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The Transgender Issue highlights the many forms of discrimination that trans people face every day. Written by Shon Faye, a transgender journalist, the book describes stories and events that support trans people and their demand for equal rights and dignity. The discrimination they face comes from many different areas of their lives, from work and sport, to medical care and the controversial issue of fertility. It is a challenge to even talk about the issue, because trans people are so often treated as a problem that has to be controlled or solved. Going forward, all it would take, especially in the UK, would be some level of political and social commitment, to be able to integrate trans people into society and finally allow them equal opportunities.

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Analysis and key concepts


Trans people still experience enormous adversity, because they are so often seen, but not heard


Parental support is crucial in allowing a trans person to accept themselves


A transphobic society produces unhappy and conflicted people


One of the most difficult times for a trans person is transitioning from one gender to another


What might life look like for trans people in the UK in the near future?




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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn more about Shon Faye and why she chooses to defend transgender rights.
  • Discover the stories of the many people who are often ignored because of deep-rooted prejudices about trans people.
  • Understand how we can all live together peacefully, while taking into account the needs and rights of everyone, including minorities.

Shon Faye is an English journalist and writer. She was born in Bristol and later moved to London where she pursued a career in law before deciding to focus on writing. She has written for The Guardian, The Independent and Vice, and has published her first book, The Transgender Issue. Her mission is to encourage debate on the ‘trans issue’, which she says should not be seen as a problem we have to solve, but as an entirely new world that we have the chance to discover. She is the creator and host of the podcast, Call Me Mother, during which she tells various LGBT stories. For many years, Faye was an advocate and spokesperson for Amnesty International.

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