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The Truths We Hold

The defence of civil rights, and the great challenges in the world of politics

The Truths We Hold: An American Journey by Kamala Harris is an account of the political battles she has fought in the defence of social and civil rights, as well as a journey along the deep multicultural roots of the United States of America. By means of anecdotes taken from her electoral campaigns, and stories of hope handed down from generation to generation, she provides numerous tips on how to face major personal and historical challenges.

The Truths We Hold
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Kamala Harris: her background, life story, and teachings for future generations

Kamala Harris is the 49th Vice President of the United States of America. Over the years, she has held numerous political and legal roles, and has made a significant impact on the country's recent history.

Daughter of immigrant parents, she grew up in an environment in which activism and civic commitment was at the forefront, which also underlies one of American society’s strong points in how it intertwines with the African American, Latin, and Asian community: a highly diversified social environment, from both a human and cultural point of view. 

The motto of the Rainbow Sign performative space (frequented by thinkers and leaders of social movements), which was a space that held great importance for her during the early stages of her life, read: “for the love of people”. This slogan, inspired by a deeply sincere humanistic spirit, will accompany her throughout her future professional career, and in each of the battles she would go on to fight in the name of gender discrimination, and those rooted in ethnicity and social class.

Kamala’s personal story and valuable advice thus represent a goldmine of useful ideas for anybody wanting to try their hand at a political career, people wanting to understand complex business dynamics, or simply anyone who wants to learn more about the culture of the United States of America. Her story is both an analysis of the deeper problems that American culture is experiencing, and an ode to what, as a society, it has to offer to the world, despite its diminished sphere of influence and the emergence of other global players: the tenacity displayed in believing in progress and confidence in the future, the ability to bring such a diverse range of communities together under a single flag, and the foresight demonstrated through the country’s ability to identify possible social developments following historical events, often learning, with ease, from its mistakes.


The key ideas of "The Truths We Hold"

Kamala Harris: her background, life story, and teachings for future generations
Her early experience at the California prosecutor's office, and the prison recovery program called "Back on Track"
The battle to protect people’s right to housing following the 2008 crisis
An increase in early school leavers and the direct link with the crime rate
The American Dream and the inequality of justice in the field of immigration
Universal health care goal: the need for, and importance of, access to care
Recognising the value of one's work is the key to leading a life of dignity
The challenges future generations will face, from cybersecurity to the climate crisis, and some tips on how to deal with them
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