The Tyranny of Big Tech

Joshua David Hawley

The Tyranny of Big Tech



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Big Tech refers to the economic and technological power held by four giant corporations: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. The theory that this ‘cartel’ is heavily impacting the lives of Americans is based on the analysis of numerous recent events, such as the shutdown of the social platform Parler, the increase in the number of suicides among young Americans, which is at its highest in ten years, and the carelessness of internet users in protecting their own privacy. The Tyranny of Big Tech gives an alarming account of the current situation, and urges Americans, and the rest of the world, to take back control of their lives, both online and in real, everyday life.

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Analysis and key concepts


In today’s America, Big Tech are the most powerful corporations in the business industry. They have accumulated enormous power, thanks also to active intervention from the government, and their influence extends over every area of citizens’ lives


How the tyranny of monopoly has returned: Big Tech controls personal communication channels, online news outlets, new avenues of commerce, and even politics


The truth is that users have lost control over what Big Tech does with their data, including the predictive processes that anticipate users’ behaviour, and use it to their advantage


Research shows that since around 2015, Americans, and especially young people, have increasingly suffered from difficulty in concentrating, from sleep deprivation, and depression


Taking action against the monopoly is possible: from Roosevelt’s fight against the railroad bosses, to the European Community’s sanctions against Google, and our ability to limit access, especially by children, in order to cultivate community life




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Joshua David Hawley is an American lawyer, a Republican politician, and the Attorney General of Missouri. In 2018, at the age of 41, he was elected Senator, and up until the election of Jon Ossoff, he was the youngest United States Senator in history. He has a degree in History from Stanford University, a Law degree from Yale, and has written a book on Theodore Roosevelt.

Publishing house:

Regnery Publishing