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The Value of Everything

An in-depth analysis on the world of finance

Entrepreneurs and companies often define themselves as "value creators", capable of carrying out activities that create wealth. But what if these were "stories" made up just to justify their income? And what is value really? The Value of Everything helps us understand what value is, the direction in which the world economy is moving, and how to change it.

The Value of Everything
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Many useful tips to:

  • Find out how and why the world of finance has reached its current volume.
  • Retrace the history of economic thought, and see how different factors have influenced it.
  • Open our eyes to the idea that there is a profound need to modify the current capitalist system.

The author of the book:

Mariana Mazzucato is Professor of Economics of Innovation and Public Value at University College London (UCL), where she is the Founding Director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. She is the author of the acclaimed book "The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths", and winner of numerous awards in Political Economy. She has been defined as one of the 3 "most important thinkers" by the "New Republic".


Who are value creators?

We often hear companies and entrepreneurs describe themselves as "value creators". But what does this mean exactly? They say they are productive members of the economy, who carry out activities that create wealth, those who run the greatest "risks". But what if these were nothing but stories created ad-hoc to convince our governments and our society to justify their turnover? This is particularly evident in the financial sector, which has experienced immense growth compared to the productive sectors, and exerts a strong influence on the rest of our economy.

It therefore becomes essential to establish exactly what we mean by "value", an essential notion to understand what path the world economy is on, and how to change it.


The key ideas of "The Value of Everything"

Who are value creators?
The difference between “value creators” and “value extractors”
A brief history of value and the major schools of thought over the centuries
How the concept of “revenue” has evolved
How is the wealth of a nation measured?
The financial sector and its changes
The growth of the financial sector and the effects on the economy
The impact of the financial sector on non-financial activities
Extracting value through innovation economy
The financial sector and the public sector
The 2008 financial crisis and the economy of hope
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