The War on the West

Douglas Murray

The War on the West



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Douglas Murray says that a war is currently being waged against the West. In The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason, he analyses the recent events in America and the UK, from the murder of George Floyd and the destruction of statues by the Black Lives Matter movement, to the revision of school curricula to decrease the ‘whiteness’ of education. Murray explains why this war against the West is currently underway and what it entails, while also exploring the potential likelihood of finding we live in a society which, having historically enjoyed worldwide respect, is becoming the cause of increasing shame, and proposing a possible solution to an ever widening and potentially violent global rift.

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Analysis and key concepts


In recent years, we have been witnessing what Douglas Murray calls ‘a war on the West’


Western culture was once something to be celebrated, but it has now become something to be ashamed of


The war on the West is mainly based on racism


After the murder of George Floyd, the West began to believe that it was more racist than it actually is


The West is often accused of appropriating other cultures


A process of cultural reprogramming is taking place throughout the West


Education and gratitude are the way forward




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  • Understand that the solution to this situation is education.

Douglas Murray is a journalist, political commentator, and author. Since 2012, he has been associate editor of the British political and cultural magazine The Spectator. Murray also writes regularly for other newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Mail on Sunday and National Review. He is a regular guest on various programmes on the BBC and other news channels. His books include The Strange Death of Europe, The Madness of Crowds and Islamophilia: A Very Metropolitan Malady.

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