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Learn the key ideas of the book by David Coulthard

The Winning Formula

Get inspired by Formula 1 to improve your business

As a Formula 1 driver David Coulthard stood on the podium 62 times throughout his professional career. Now he's telling his story, explaining why relentless work ethic is an essential ingredient for success. In The Winning Formula you’ll find out how to become a better version of yourself, why it is important to pursue ambitious goals and how to achieve them with a team strategy, which is the reason to have a team, and be surrounded by the right people. Moreover, Coulthard shares a lot of useful tips based on his experience in Formula 1 which can be adapted to the corporate world.

The Winning Formula
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Many useful tips to:

  • Find ways of reinventing oneself after a successful competitive career, be it sports business or as a professional athlete, based on the advice from someone who has already done it.
  • Explore the world of Formula 1 from behind the scenes.
  • Become a better leader with the advice of a man who was able to make crucial decisions while driving at 300 km/h.

The author of the book:

David Coulthard is a former british Formula 1 racing driver, who is now a TV host, commentator and journalist. He took part in 247 races, winning 13 of them and reaching the podium 62 times. In 2001 he finished second in the World Driver’s Championship with the McLaren team. After retiring as a driver, Coulthard stayed in the F1 world as a consultant for the Red Bull team and a commentator for BBC. Since 2016 he’s been working at Channel 4 as a commentator and Formula 1 analyst.


Learning business improvement lessons from sport

Sport inspires and unites people, but it is also a business. There are many lessons to be learnt from the business of sports, all of which can be applied to our careers, company or any other activity. In his book, Coulthard provides us with examples and analogies from the sports world and his personal experience, touching on universal topics such as work ethic, ways to unleash our potential, the power of a team, customer service, innovation, efficiency, attention to detail and a constant search for marginal gains as all being essential ideas - and not only for a race driver.


The key ideas of "The Winning Formula"

Learning business improvement lessons from sport
Michael Schumacher and work ethic
Become a better version of yourself
How to manage risk
How to build a winning team
The “trick” of constant evolution
The importance of focusing on details
Innovation is synonymous with victory
Attention to detail: efficiency, execution and customer service
Take-home message

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