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Think Like a Monk

Learn to live a mindful and happy life

Jay Shetty’s book Think Like a Monk is a simple approach to mindfulness and how we can all apply it to our everyday lives. The only way to achieve the happiness we all dream of is to look inside ourselves. Meditation can help us get to know ourselves better, but it is especially useful in helping us overcome the emotions that tend to take hold when we are under pressure. Shetty says that we can all become monks, and that being a monk is in fact a state of mind. So, all we have to do is master the three phases of this journey, which are: let go, grow and serve.

Think Like a Monk
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He joined an ashram to become a monk, then realised his mission and came back to share his experiences with the world

As a boy, Jay Shetty was like most of the other children his age. After graduating in Economics from London Cass Business School, he started working but without much enthusiasm. One evening, he agreed to go with a friend to listen to a lecture being given by a at his university, but he only went because his friend practically dragged him there.

After hearing the monk speak, Shetty was fascinated and felt the need to answer a call to “explore his inner world”. So, he decided to leave for India to join an ashram and become a monk. This is where he learned that “listening to the deepest part of ourselves, the one we often ignore, is the first step in allowing ourselves to accept who we really are”, which is the only way to become truly happy.

There, he also understood that being a monk is more a state of mind than anything else, hence the expression “think like a monk”, and so he decided to leave the ashram to go out into the world and share his knowledge.

What he shares with all his students and readers is the awareness that the wisdom taught by the monks is available to us all, and to access it we simply have to answer the many questions that life asks us.

Shetty teaches us that to adapt to the monk’s mindset, there are three stages. The first is letting go, by stripping ourselves of any external influences, which will help you make space for growth. The second is growth, and the third is service. Learning to look beyond ourselves, expanding and sharing our sense of gratitude and deepening our relationships. Meditation brings all these stages together, and must be cultivated and refined with practice. It serves to help us dig deep, get rid of everything we don’t need, and listen to our inner voice.


The key ideas of "Think Like a Monk"

He joined an ashram to become a monk, then realised his mission and came back to share his experiences with the world
The art of letting go is the first important step towards happiness
Recognising how our fear pattern is triggered to break free from it
Growth: the second phase of learning to think like a monk
Phase three: service leads to a full, happy, and fulfilled life
Take-home message

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