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This is Marketing

How to sell and be seen through marketing

What does Marketing mean today? In This is Marketing, Seth Godin shows us how the world of marketing has changed since the days of mass advertising and how useless it is nowadays to only focus on increasing one's visibility. What we really need, is to identify our audience; those who share our ideas and the change we are trying to promote. We have to create something that speaks to their culture in order to create a solid and lasting bond. All in all, we have to rewrite the rules of Marketing.

This is Marketing
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The Spirit of Marketing

Marketing is all around us. Every choice we make is influenced by what we see in our surrounding world and by what marketers carefully have placed before our eyes. We are so used to a certain type of marketing that we take it for granted and don’t realize the potential it has to change things for the better, to do something good.

Most people only seem interested in business figures: turnover, market share, social media interactions, etc. In reality, no successful business can exist without solid foundations. In this book, we shall explore what it means to have deep roots that allow us to grow and offer people something that can make a real difference in their life.

Even the best ideas and products take time to catch on. Big ideas require big changes, threaten the status quo and entail many risks. Having a good idea isn’t enough for it to spread. First, we have to find the people who can find value in and benefit from the idea because it offers them an opportunity to change for the better.

This is exactly what the spirit of marketing should be: the spirit of offering change and of providing people with ways to improve their lives. Selling your product to as many customers as possible does not equal changing their lives. If our product disappears from the market, would our customers miss it, or would they simply replace it without batting an eye? Without change, marketing has no reason to exist.


The key ideas of "This is Marketing"

The Spirit of Marketing
The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising
Using marketing to address the public
Set realistic goals, and focus on "who our product is for"
How to reach the consumer and make them identify with the product
Creating and maintaining a bond: obtaining permission
Evil marketing and positive marketing
Take-home message

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