This Is the Fire

Donald Carlton Lemon

This Is the Fire



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When given the opportunity to speak, you need to make your mark. In This is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism, the journalist Donald Carlton Lemon responds to the plea he himself extended to Americans, presenting a compelling and ruthless analysis of the country’s racist past. He offers an ultimatum to his readers, eloquently condemning all those who have allowed racism to carry on for centuries, due to their lack of determination and courage, and consequently making it impossible for Blacks in America to achieve equal rights.

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Analysis and key concepts


Sag Harbor, New York State, is a symbolic place that has come full circle: the beach that saw the arrival of Europeans, who brought death and slavery to America, has now become an African American neighbourhood


When you have the chance to speak, you should say something meaningful, as well as being sure that your actions leave a mark


Microaggressions, obvious reactions to certain situations, acceptance: the most insidious enemy lies in the small acts of discrimination that we continue to accepted with resignation, day after day


African Americans have an intimate relationship with death: it's not just a saying, it's about numbers - just think of the COVID mortality figures, or those from cancer


The "uncivil war" is a conflict based on greed, and on the will to maintain a "caste" system that allows a few to profit from the sacrifice of others


Blacks were brought to America for one reason only: money. Huge wealth would never have been accumulated if America hadn’t had the opportunity to exploit hundreds of thousands of abducted and abused people




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Truly understand what “racism” means.
  • Become more aware of the micro-aggressions that are part of our daily lives.
  • Participate in an inclusive and egalitarian thought movement.

Born in 1966 in Louisiana,Donald Carlton Lemon is an American television journalist. He began his career as a correspondent for the local news, and continued progressing up the ranks until he was finally given his own television programme at CNN, Don Lemon Tonight. In recognition of his work, Lemon has received an Edward Murrow Award, and three Chicago / Midwest Emmy Awards, as well as being included in Ebony Magazine’s 2009 list of the 150 Most Influential African Americans in the United States. He has also been listed numerous times over the years as one of the most influential LGBT exponents involved in the media.

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