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Tim Cook

Tim Cook and the rise of Apple

In Tim Cook, the author analyses the change of Apple following the death of Steve Jobs, its founder and the most charismatic CEO in history. Through a series of interviews with various Apple executives and input from a selection of public and corporate entities, the author defines the changes that have taken place during the rise of the new CEO and the new strategies the company has adopted in the areas of: accessibility, education, environment, inclusion of diversity, privacy, security and responsibility for the working conditions of everyone along the production line.

Tim Cook
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Many useful tips to:

  • Find out who Tim Cook is and how his values influence the company’s current business strategy.
  • Discover how Tim Cook developed values during his career and personal life that still form the basis of the company culture at Apple today.
  • Find out how Apple applies new strategies to the development of its creations and the difference between them and the old strategies used by Steve Jobs.

The author of the book:

Leander Kahney was a reporter at Wired News and is currently known for his famous Cult of Mac blog. He is the author of bestsellers The Cult of Mac, Cult of Ipod and Inside Steve’s Brain. He has also written for other publications such as MacWeek, Scientific American, The Observer and The Guardian. As well as being an expert on Apple and Mac, he also reported on the war in ex-Yugoslavia.


How Tim Cook went beyond all expectations and guided Apple in its most successful era without compromising his own values

Taking over from the most visionary, most creative CEO of the most famous company on the planet is not a simple undertaking, and in spite of his extraordinary CV, it hasn’t been an easy task for Tim Cook either. Many people believed that after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple was destined to fail. However, thanks to the strong leadership of Tim Cook, the company is enjoying one of its most successful periods. Tim led a cultural revolution within the company, favouring a more harmonious and less competitive business environment and implementing high level human values as part of the company strategy.

The values that steered Apple in recent years are closely linked to Tim Cook’s personality and his own personal history and they influenced strategies in the fields of:

  • accessibility;
  • education;
  • environment;
  • inclusion and diversity;
  • privacy;
  • responsibility in the production line.

The key ideas of "Tim Cook"

How Tim Cook went beyond all expectations and guided Apple in its most successful era without compromising his own values
Cook’s youth, the shaping of his values and his career
Cook led a cultural revolution that transformed strategies and Apple’s impact on the world
The Future of Apple with Tim Cook
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