Time Management
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Brian Tracy

Time Management

How to improve our time management and achieve our objectives

Time Management is a complete, concise and accurate guide to exactly what the title suggests! Written by motivator and coach Brian Tracy, it suggests useful techniques and exercises to improve your time management. In just 21 chapters, you can take back control of your life, rethink it and then make adjustments according to your future goals. There is nothing too complex about his method, it is made up of a few exercises to help you stop procrastinating, define new priorities, and carve out two productive hours a day. In essence, all you have to do, to gain greater overall efficiency, is to adopt new, positive actions and repeat them until they become a habit. Every successful person should learn to manage their time more effectively, so that whatever action they decide to take will have greater impact. Wasting time is in fact useless, because as well as being our only real resource, time is something that once gone, we can never get back.

Time Management
Read in 13 min.
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Knowing how to manage time is the secret weapon of successful people

Time is the only resource we have. As trivial as it may seem, we cannot get time back once it has passed, and learning how to use it to the fullest can ease that sense of frustration, which comes from the awareness that "time does not forgive". When a person recognises the true value of time, he somehow manages to correct himself and he tries to change his attitude in order to better manage his everyday tasks. Indeed, each thing we do takes time. When we say this, we refer not only to our work world, but also to everyday life. Grocery shopping, paying a bill, driving in heavy traffic or being on the phone are all time-consuming activities. Being aware of how much time it takes to complete a certain task or being aware of how much time we waste every day on small things, is the first step towards better time management. Using our time well brings with it considerable advantages. So it is important to talk about it. Among the benefits of efficient time management is the positive psycho-physical impact. Knowing that we have completed all your commitments on time has a profound effect on our well-being. We are happier and more satisfied with ourselves when we are in control of our time.

Conversely, how much frustration do we generate by procrastinating indefinitely, simply because we are disorganised or don’t know how to do something? Everything we postpone or don’t do accumulates and brings down our mood, leading to more serious problems, such as apathy.

Meanwhile, the feeling of having everything under control is really powerful. You feel at peace and in harmony, knowing that you have done everything you wanted to do. Learning to manage time is not an impossible feat, nor is it an easy win, but it is possible. It begins with greater awareness and continues by applying small techniques, as suggested by Brian Tracy.


The key ideas of "Time Management"

Knowing how to manage time is the secret weapon of successful people
Developing awareness of the concept of time and the 4D’s of effectiveness
Small tricks to help us waste less time (and do everything faster)
Healthy habits to apply to our lives as soon as possible: To-Do Lists and getting our priorities in order
Turning recurring actions into positive habits
Being the creator of our own destiny and living a balanced life
Take-home message
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