Time Management Magic

Lee Cockerell

Time Management Magic



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Lee Cockerell enjoyed a brilliant career at Disney. He managed a team of over 40,000 people, as well as several resorts and theme parks, which meant that he had to learn to manage his time extremely effectively. In his book, Time Management Magic, Cockerell shares what he learnt, and provides some extremely useful techniques for organising each day efficiently and effectively. This book will help you to define your priorities, and to set both long and short term objectives, so as to avoid wasting precious time. Through numerous tips and examples, all based on personal experience, Lee Cockerell will help you focus on those actions that bring you closer to your life goals, so that at the end of each day, you will feel reassured by the fact that you spent your time wisely.

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Analysis and key concepts


One of the biggest excuses of the century: “I don’t have time”


To manage your time successfully is to manage your whole life, which in turn enables you to achieve happiness


Using a daily planner to manage each moment efficiently and effectively


There can be no planning unless we are able to set priorities


Beat procrastination, stop wasting time, and identify your most important objectives


There are lots of things you can do, big or small, to save time and manage it better




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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand what needs to be done to manage your life efficiently and effectively.
  • Implement a planning system and achieve your objectives.
  • Think about what to do everyday to have more time to spend on the things that really matter.

After working for the Hilton and Marriott hotel chains for several years, Lee Cockerell worked for many years as the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort. In this role, he was responsible for a team of 40,000 people, and the running of several hotels and amusement parks. He is now retired, and spends his time giving lectures and writing books on leadership, professional development, and time management. His several books include Creating Magic, and The Customer Rules.

Publishing house:

Morgan James Publishing