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Tools of Titans

Tactics, routines and habits of the greatest people in the world

Tools of Titans encapsulates stories, tools and strategies of some of the greatest people in the world, focusing on topics such as health and fitness, wealth, knowledge and wisdom. Tim Ferriss offers us a set of tips, examples and habits to encourage us to make our own that can help us change our lives for the best.

Tools of Titans
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Take example from others

Fitness. Money. Knowledge. Wisdom. In recent years, Tim Ferriss has collected and put together hundreds of life tools from the greatest people in the world. This book brings you the best and most effective ones, that have helped the author himself in his way of thinking about topics such as income, body flexibility, happiness, and which will be a starting point for us too. You will learn how to optimize your mornings with advice from Tony Robbins'. Chris Sacca's ideas will show you  how to look at your profits. We will examine how  Arnold Schwarzenegger's conflict psychology can be used. And so on. We can therefore reflect "on the shoulders of the giants" and "sit at their table". So how can you use this book? According to the author, it is a buffet of tips to better change your life. We must also know and remember that:

1- more than 80% of respondents practice meditation and often (especially men) do not have breakfast;

2- everyone believes that failure is only temporary and does not last forever;

3- if these people feel they have a weakness, they try to convert it into an opportunity to improve.


The key ideas of "Tools of Titans"

Take example from others
Health, famous people and their habits
Wealth, what are the habits of famous people
Wisdom according to Maria Popova and Jocko Willink
The questions to ask to tone down our character
Habits and Tim Ferriss
Take-home message

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