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Trillion Dollar Coach

Bill Campbell's secrets to being a successful leader

Trillion Dollar Coach is a tribute to Bill Campbell, who passed away in 2016, and to his Silicon Valley coaching spanning more than fifteen years. The authors were lucky enough to experience the effects of his work firsthand, and they brought together in a book the key principles that guided him, interviewing over eighty managers who benefited from the wisdom and humanity of the Coach. A sort of strategic map to guide entrepreneurs and managers who want to grow professionally and humanely, and in turn be a stimulus and inspiration for others.

Trillion Dollar Coach
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Bill Campbell's journey: from football coach to coach of the great leaders of Silicon Valley

Bill Campbell started playing American football in high school, he stood out for his tenacity and intelligence, even if he didn’t have the typical physique of a football player: he was in fact short and skinny. He studied economics at Columbia University and became captain of the football team, and then in 1974 he accepted the role of coach. He didn't win much, according to Bill himself, also because of his sentimental nature: he felt too much empathy towards his boys, he was not ruthless enough with them.

At 39 he ended his sports career and officially entered the world of business, collaborating with Kraft and Kodak; in 1983 he accepted an offer to move to California to become Apple's vice president of sales and marketing. From 1987 to 2000 he was successively CEO of Claris, GO Corporation and Intuit.

In 2000, the third chapter of Bill Campbell's life opens: he’s a coach again, but not on the football field, this time in the corporate sphere. In 2001, he was asked to coach a new start-up named "Google"; for fifteen years Bill would mentor Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Larry Page, and many other great leaders, contributing to the company's exponential growth. He would also work alongside Steve Jobs to save Apple from bankruptcy and turn it  into a multibillion-dollar success.

His approach to coaching is unique: he does not only work with managers, but above all with groups. He considers each team as a single entity, capable of determining the success of any business activity.


The key ideas of "Trillion Dollar Coach"

Bill Campbell's journey: from football coach to coach of the great leaders of Silicon Valley
Your title makes you a manager, but it is people who make you a leader
Superpower at work: creating a climate of trust in which people feel safe
The team comes first: the importance of having a group of smart, close-knit people, who are devoted to the company cause
The power of love: you can and must love and show affection at work
How the Silicon Valley coach measured the value of his work
Take-home message

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