Una storia americana

Francesco Costa

Una storia americana



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Una Storia Americana is an engaging account of the political history of the United States. Starting with the biographies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the 46th President and his Vice President, Franceso Costa reconstructs the key milestones that led these two members of the Democratic Party to win the election, defeating the outgoing President, Donald Trump. In fact, Trump’s America, with its extreme tendencies, has left the new administration with the tough task of rebuilding a weakened and damaged nation. Una Storia Americana is a compelling tale that shows, even beyond any proven political skills, the human qualities of Biden and Harris. 

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Analysis and key concepts


The United States of America: a country that needs rebuilding


Joe Biden: Tenacious and Resourceful


Biden’s political line


The sad fate of the Biden family


Kamala Harris and her drive to find solutions to existing problems


An increase in violence during the Trump administration and defending the rights of the weakest people according to Biden-Harris




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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover the biography of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and reflect on their career so far.
  • Take a glimpse behind the scenes at the American Presidential Election.
  • Understand the challenges and turbulent wake left behind by the Trump administration.

Francesco Costa was born in Catania in 1984. He lives in Milan, and is a journalist and deputy director of the online newspaper Il Post. Costa is an expert in US politics, and has been sent there as a foreign correspondent several times. In 2015, he started the Da Costa a Costa project, a newsletter and podcast in the United States for which he won the Spotorno New Journalism International Prize in 2016, and the prize for the best Italian podcast at the Macchianera Internet Awards. He worked on the documentary La Casa Bianca for Rai 3, and hosted Rai Radio 3’s press review show, Prima Pagina. Costa taught journalism at the IULM in Milan, and directed a two-year journalism course at the Scuola Holden in Turin. In 2019, he created the Milano Europa podcasts, a journalistic report on Milan, and The Big Seven, in which he tells the stories of seven important people in American society. In addition to Questo è l’America, he has written Una storia americana, and California. Since 2021, he has hosted the daily press review podcast Morning for Il Post, for which he won the Italian Podcast Award - Podcast of the Year 2021 for the categories Best Host, Best News Podcast, and Audience Award. Since 2022, he has also co-hosted the weekly podcast, Politics, which focuses on Italian politics.

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