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Unfreedom of the press
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Unfreedom of the press

A different approach to looking at the press

Not all press is the same, news articles are not always impartial or ethical, and journalism itself – increasingly one-sided, unfair, and bringer of fake and inaccurate news – could be putting the freedom of the press in the United States at risk. This is the concept presented by Mark R. Levin in his new bestseller Unfreedom of the Press, in which he lists the injustices committed by the democratic press against the Republican candidates – including Donald J. Trump – by taking us on a trip through history, starting from the first printing press to modern day times.

Unfreedom of the press
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Today’s press is increasingly dishonest and biased

The main purpose of the press is to inform citizens in an honest and truthful way, providing them with ideas, facts, and information, as well as nurturing their intellect and creativity. It should also contribute to society, helping it to develop in a healthy and productive way, as well as denouncing anyone threatening freedom of speech, including governments.

Even though these should be its guiding principles, today the press is heading in an entirely different direction: this can be seen on the front pages of the news dedicated to Trump’s presidency in America, which, according to Levin, show how increasing numbers of newspapers and journalists are siding with the Democrats and opposing the Republicans. As a consequence, mass media is assuming a political bias, which is disastrous for both the readers and the press’ overall reputation.


The key ideas of "Unfreedom of the press"

Today’s press is increasingly dishonest and biased
Increasing numbers of journalists are choosing ideological and political activism over providing information
Individual liberty is rooted in American history
Today, the party-press hides behind lies and fake impartiality
The threat to the freedom of the press is coming from the Democrats, not the Republicans
The American press is increasingly drawn to propaganda and fake news
You need to be aware of the bias in American journalism to form your own opinion
Take-home message
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