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Unleashing the Ideavirus

How to convert your customers into promoters of your product

Unleashing the Ideavirus demonstrates that traditional marketing, which calculates, measures, and manipulates the spreading of information, is no longer an effective method of advertising a product in a network-oriented economy. A new type of more efficient marketing relies on creating the first customers who are satisfied and enthusiastic about the product/service and let them advertise it, this type of dialogue is called an “ideavirus”. The ideavirus works like any other type of virus: it spreads from person to person. Thanks to Seth Godin we will discover the key factors that are needed for the creation and spread of your own “ideavirus”.

Unleashing the Ideavirus
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand the advertising tradition of the ideavirus.
  • Create your own ideavirus.
  • Discover the variables of the ideavirus formula.

The author of the book:

Seth Godin is a US writer and entrepreneur focusing primarily on marketing, leadership, and changes. He has a degree in computer science and philosophy from Tufts University, and an MBA from Stanford Business School. From 1983 to 1986 he worked as a Brand Manager for Spinnaker Software; and as an entrepreneur, he founded Seth Godin Productions and Yoyodyne in New York. Focusing on Yoyodyne he developed and popularised permission, direct and viral marketing. He is one of the most famous business bloggers in the world. All of his books are bestsellers, which have been translated into multiple languages.


The ideavirus as a marketing strategy

The concept of an idea being contagious like a virus makes sense but, at the same time, it’s counterintuitive. It makes sense because we have experienced it ourselves: just think, for example, of the chorus of a song that gets stuck in your head, but it goes against instinct because it does not follow the traditional world perception of marketing experts. Successful ideas are those that grow and spread thanks to the relationships between clients, and not between client and marketing expert. Interruption marketing is no longer profitable because it is useless to search for clients and send them unwanted advertising messages hoping to attract attention. Instead, it is necessary to prepare a network of clients, where the product, or even better, the idea is sold from one consumer to another. In spite of the fact that the power of word of mouth weakens and disappears over time, our era has endowed us with a wonderful means of propagation for the ideavirus, that is convenient and fast: the web.


The key ideas of "Unleashing the Ideavirus"

The ideavirus as a marketing strategy
The difference between word of mouth and ideavirus
Why are ideaviruses so important?
What is the difference between word of mouth and ideavirus?
How to spread an ideavirus through sneezers
How to use the ideavirus to launch our product
The best techniques to spread an idea
Take-home message

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