Unlocking High Performance

Jason Lauritsen

Unlocking High Performance



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Improving employee performance at work is possible, thanks to certain practical tools, such as involvement, improved experience and positive relationships. In order to trigger these positive mechanisms, we need to leave behind our archaic methods, in favour of a new company-employee relationship, and above all, a new and more human performance management method. In his book, Unlocking High Performance: How to Use Performance Management to Engage and Empower Employees to Reach Their Full Potential, the author, Jason Lauritsen, reveals his original three phase method to shake up the foundations of management and human resources, and to help employees unlock their full potential. 

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Analysis and key concepts


The business world has an employee engagement problem


To change the working world we need to rethink the employee experience


An employee should have a healthy and positive relationship with their company


Performance management can be revolutionised in three steps


Performance planning creates clarity of purpose


Cultivating performance at work starts with the right mindset


Performance responsibility is a delicate matter and should be managed as such


The rules of design can be used to implement a revolution in performance management




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Many useful tips to:

  • Improve the efficiency and happiness of your employees, starting with the management of their performance.
  • Update management and performance measurement within your company by getting rid of outdated methods.
  • Learn to embrace the concept of work as a relationship, building a more creative, cohesive and productive work team.

Jason Lauritsen is a consultant, author, speaker and expert in workplace culture. Specialising in employee engagement and performance management, he is internationally known for his view of the workplace as a point of positive impact on people and profits. During his career, he has had the opportunity to put his ideas on the world of management into practice in various roles, including leading the research team of Quantum's Best Places to Work program. He is the author of Unlocking High Performance: How to Use Performance Management to Engage and Empower Employees to Reach Their Full Potential and co-author of Social Gravity: Harnessing The Natural Laws of Relationships.

Publishing house:

Kogan Page Ltd