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Understanding what influences us so we can free ourselves from the Script

Unscripted has the magic formula to help release us from our destiny as human robots, just working to spend, and spending for work. Modern society pushes people into a sort of funnel of a life that is “already scripted”, and which continues to follow age-old dogma, with no way out. We can free ourselves from the influence of those who would like us to follow the Script, as long as we are able to acquire a profound understanding of the mechanisms by which we are being manipulated.

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The script is a mix of rules and socially accepted customs from which we must break free, if we are to turn our dreams into reality

Hating your job while accumulating debt to buy a powerful car, a great apartment and lots of clothes. Starting the countdown to the weekend on Monday morning. Getting old week after week, dreaming of making an impact, of bursting out of the cage in which we have been locked by our very own hands. This happens to many people, because our way of life is directed according to a plot that has already been written, where the script binds us, and transforms us into little cogs in a rusty old machine, aimed at helping the rich get richer, and giving more power to the already super powerful.

The only way to defeat the script is to break it, to refuse to follow the program that forces us to go to school, find a job, accumulate debt and then start saving. Following the rules that society has defined, and working hard to meet other people’s expectations, turns people into pawns, where the script prescribes a future of debt accumulated in the university years, where every day just looks the same, and where dreams are postponed to a tomorrow that never comes.

The rebellion begins when we understand that the script simply speaks in platitudes:

  • starting a business is risky;
  • to get rich you need to save and have faith in compound interest;
  • property is a sound investment;
  • you need a degree to be successful;
  • money cannot buy you happiness;
  • working in a big company offers an easy life and security.

Accepting mediocre advice from mediocre people that lead a mediocre life will not lead to happiness. Freedom and entrepreneurial spirit are the weapons to beat the Script, to break free of the cage and to build your own life.


The key ideas of "Unscripted"

The script is a mix of rules and socially accepted customs from which we must break free, if we are to turn our dreams into reality
The first enemy to defeat is represented by compromised parties, those being friends and relatives who live their lives according to the Script
A drastic change in lifestyle requires a drastic change in thinking: mistaken beliefs produce wrong actions and wrong results
Building a strong process of change: excess faith in one’s talent can lead to a static mindset, when a dynamic one is needed to break free of the Script
Building a Fastlane entrepreneurial business (to live off-script) begins with imposing “productocracy” by following the 5 key commandments
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