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How can you build a healthy pension? How does compound interest work, and how much can you really earn from it? How do you stay calm and make good decisions when the markets crash? Are there any rules you can follow to help you make lucrative investments? Which investment funds are the best? In his book, Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook, Tony Robbins answers these questions, and provides a perfect guide for beginners who are looking to become financially UNSHAKEABLE.

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Analysis and key concepts


Not only do the dynamics of compound interest enable you to earn on the initial amount invested, but also on the interest it produces, generating huge sums of money over the years


Index investment funds systematically beat mutual funds, and are therefore the best option for first time investors


Focussing on limiting losses is a better strategy than pursuing large gains, because the market is unpredictable


The best deals are made when the market is crashing. These moments of major decline are no time to panic, stay calm and use checklists and the history of the markets to reassure you. Avoid listening to the media, and focus your attention on the long term


Having a balanced and diversified portfolio helps you become successful, protect yourself from financial collapses, and keep up with the evolution of the economy and the financial markets


To be a successful investor, you must pay close attention to both commission and tax rates




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Many useful tips to:

  • Build a solid, healthy pension.
  • Become a better investor.
  • Learn to stay calm and make good decisions when markets crash.
  • Understand the power of compound interest.
  • Pick better investment funds.

Anthony Robbins was born in North Hollywood in 1960, and is one of the best-known trainers in personal development and the psychology of change. As a known expert in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, he has coached many famous people, executives of large companies, politicians and athletes. As well as being famous for his best-selling books, he is known around the world for his courses on personal growth and communication, leadership and motivation. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur, founder and partner of around 30 different companies. Robbins is also very active in social projects: he has launched support programs in schools and in prisons, provided many meals for those in need thanks to his partnerships with non-profit organisations, and set up several projects in India to beat some of the most dangerous and common illnesses.

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