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Learn how to scale a successful startup

Upscale is a compilation of interviews James Silver carried out with different entrepreneurs, consultants and experts on the best methods to accelerate the growth of a startup. The book showcases  the personal experiences of entrepreneurs, and was written to guide the founders of new tech startups, showing the different problems that an entrepreneur has to face in different areas, such as hiring new staff, internationalization, financing, infrastructure development and preservation of the original business culture.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn how to develop a startup, from recruiting strategies to financing.
  • Understand the different problems that a grade-A startup may face and how to overcome them.
  • Learn the strategies to manage the different stages of a startup in the best way possible.

The author of the book:

James Silver is a journalist, his career began on BBC Radio 4 and 5, where he was a creator and producer of documentaries. He has written over 400 articles, mostly on technology and politics, for The Guardian, Total Politics, WIRED, The Independent and BBC Online. This is his first book.


The challenges of startups and Upscale

When the founders of a startup decide to commit to the development of a company, they must face a multitude of challenges, such as enlarging infrastructures, accelerating processes, recruiting new talents, investing in new markets and, at the same time, keeping the company structure solid. Tech Nation, the peer-to-peer support network for entrepreneurs, went through a similar period and therefore truly understands the needs of entrepreneurs. This is the reason Upscale was born: to be a forum in which entrepreneurs can speak openly and share their daily challenges with each other. After the success of Upscale, Tech Nation decided to hire a writer to turn the results of this counseling into a book.

This book is the result of that endeavor, and it is conceived as a guide, as a collection of the experiences of different entrepreneurs and investors, created to support new and future tech startups.


The key ideas of "Upscale"

The challenges of startups and Upscale
Team management: hiring, firing and promotions
Developing a company
Financial management and financing
The vademecum for the growth of tech startup
Take-home message

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