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Valentino Rossi by Stuart Barker is a compelling biography that delves into the life and career of one of the most successful motorcycle racers in history. Barker meticulously chronicles Rossi's journey, from his early beginnings in the sport to his rise to global fame. The book provides a unique insight into Rossi's competitive spirit, his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his impact on the world of MotoGP. Barker's reflections on Rossi's career offer valuable lessons on determination, resilience, and the pursuit of passion. This biography is a must-read for sports enthusiasts and those interested in understanding the makings of a champion.

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Analysis and key concepts


At the tender age of five, Valentino Rossi had his first go-kart, but not long after, he found that two wheels were even more fun than four


Valentino Rossi started racing 125cc and 250cc bikes, and quickly won the world title in both categories


500cc World Championship: Valentino became undisputed world champion at the age of 22


In 2002, the 500cc class was replaced by MotoGP. The bikes were more powerful, and riders experienced teething problems that bothered everyone except Valentino


During his first years in the senior classes, a bitter rivalry developed between Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi


After many years of working with Honda, Valentino Rossi moved to the Yamaha Team, where he immediately won 2 more championships


After two years with Yamaha and no major wins, Valentino Rossi won another two world titles


After a few less successful years, in 2015 Rossi was on the verge of winning his tenth world title, but it was taken away from him at the last race


2015 was Valentino Rossi’s last big year, but his relentless drive kept him racing until 2021




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Stuart Barker was born in Galloway, Scotland, and graduated from Strathclyde University in 1996. He has always been passionate about motorcycle racing, and initially worked for Motor Cycle News, first as a journalist, then as a road tester. In 2001, he decided to become a freelance writer and journalist, and his articles have since been featured in most of the major motorcycling magazines including FHM, Superbike, Two Wheels Only, and Biker. Barker has co-written books with Niall Mackenzie and Steve Hislop., and his most successful publication was the bestselling biography of professional racer Barry Sheene. Today, Stuart Barker is the acclaimed author of numerous biographies.

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John Blake Publishing Ltd