Vince chi impara
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Vince chi impara

Strategies and techniques to learn more and learn quickly

It has never been more true than it is in today’s modern times that “we never stop learning”. In this age of continuous change, keeping up with the times has become more important than ever. Yet, learning and mastering new things is anything but easy. To be able to do so effectively and make sure that knowledge stays with us over time, we need to follow an effective learning method, one which is based on scientific evidence. In his book Vince chi impara: Guida strategica all'apprendimento efficace, Alessandro de Concini uses practical examples to demonstrate his effective learning method, which can be applied to learning anything, and at any time.

Vince chi impara
Read in 19 min.
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There are five factors which, when combined, enable us to learn complex concepts in a short time

The first of these factors is the right technique, which requires you to understand how the mind works in general, and more specifically, how your own mind works. 

The second is consistency, the road to knowledge is a bumpy one: being able to overcome obstacles and develop a habit of continuous learning is only possible if you don’t give up at the first hurdle. Lack of consistency is, in fact, the main reason for failure, but there is some good news: it does get easier with practice. The most difficult step is to resist the temptation to give it all up the first time things start to get difficult.

The third factor is progress. It would be completely unrealistic to think that you could climb a mountain by only focussing on the end goal. When we believe that any challenge is too much for us, we tend to feel overwhelmed and often give up before we even get started. To deal with this issue, the best thing to do is to proceed one step at a time, splitting the end goal into small steps. 

The fourth factor is determined by how specific and tangible our goals are. By definition, an objective is something precise, measurable and tangible. For example, “I want to learn French” is not an objective, but “I want to learn 2000 new French words in three months” is, because it fits the criteria of the definition just given. Moreover, an objective should be something stimulating and achievable, to help encourage the person to pursue it without becoming overly frustrated. 

The last factor is psychological. If we want to learn something, we need to be in the right frame of mind to do so. There are some effective exercises that you can do to put you and keep you in the right frame of mind to learn. Making sure you get enough sleep is one of these. Not only is sleep one of the biggest influences on our physical and mental state, but it is also an essential part of the learning process. Eating a balanced diet is also important to make sure you are in good health and in the right mood, as is physical exercise. Multitasking should be avoided because it burns a lot of energy. To help achieve the right mindset, you should also get rid of any distractions in your learning environment, such as smartphones and other digital devices. Finally, you need to understand the learning curve so that you don’t feel defeated when your progress slows down. The learning curve starts with a sense of confusion, then it spikes when you begin to make progress, then new problems arise, and it ends with a slow climb to achieve excellence.


The key ideas of "Vince chi impara"

There are five factors which, when combined, enable us to learn complex concepts in a short time
Being equipped with an effective learning method is the winning ticket for anyone hoping to be successful in life
To learn in a way that is both consistent and effective it is important to carefully plan and organise your learning sessions
Spacing is a precious ally because it helps you organise your daily learning needs
Studying a specific subject consistently and using several different approaches will help you achieve better results in less time
Chunking allows you to harness the potential of your memory
In order to learn effectively your participation must be active
Being able to breakdown something we have learned and present it in different ways means we really know it well
The best way to consolidate something you have learned is to test yourself
Applying metacognition to our learning method enables us to understand what we are doing, and this builds a sense of euphoria
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