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Virtual Freedom

Improve your time management by using remote working

Why do so many entrepreneurs manage every aspect of their business directly, from building the website to writing content? Even though these tasks are not part of the CEO’s job, which should instead be dedicated to the strategic development of their project. The key to solving this problem is to bring in a team of virtual employees, to whom you can delegate the operational activities and free up some time to devote to the growth of the business. In Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business, the entrepreneur and virtual CEO Chris Ducker explains how to choose and train the right team of virtual employees to maximise the efficiency of your business. 

Virtual Freedom
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Virtual assistants are the secret to taking a business to the next level

Entrepreneurs are well aware of the pitfalls of the superhero syndrome: that widespread phenomenon that leads the CEO to take care of every aspect of a business, until he reaches the point of becoming the company itself. Adaptability and the ability to successfully deal with the many facets of one's work are among the qualities that make an entrepreneur, but once they go beyond a certain level, they become obstacles to the growth of the business itself. It is at this moment that it becomes necessary to involve other people in the tasks to be carried out, and free oneself from operational duties to deal full-time with the overall direction of the project. The CEO's job, in fact, is not to deal with operational duties or micro-manage recurring tasks, for example creating and managing the company website, dealing with marketing or writing blog articles, but in designing ever-new ways to develop and improve the business. This is why it is important to be able to let go of the superhero syndrome and understand which tasks are to be delegated, but above all to whom to delegate them.

Until a few decades ago, the most classic method of delegating was hiring employees for office work. Today, however, thanks to the development of new methods and tools for remote working, without doubt the most convenient choice is to make use of virtual work, which allows you to save on the cost of office space, hire people all over the world without geographical barriers, and decide whether to rely on a virtual assistant for just one project or whether to prolong the relationship. While in the past being able to create and maintain a completely virtual work team was totally unheard of, today it is an everyday reality, and one that is not too complex: like any skill, virtual work must be studied, learned, and put into practice, and after an initial period of training, we will be able to embrace all the opportunities it can offer.


The key ideas of "Virtual Freedom"

Virtual assistants are the secret to taking a business to the next level
Working with a virtual team is a skill, and as such should be cultivated
It is possible to find the right virtual employees by ticking off three Lists to Freedom
To find the perfect freelancers you need to write the perfect recruitment ad and ask the right questions in the interview
The first person who needs to be trained in working with remote staff is the entrepreneur
Clarity is the foundation of successfully managing a virtual team
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