We Do Things Differently

Mark Stevenson

We Do Things Differently



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There are people in this world who think differently, outside the box, and they take action in their own way, outside the system. Mark Stevenson has decided to go out and look for these “outsiders” and tell their stories in We Do Things Differently. This book offers us an overview of what is happening in the world with regards to innovation and challenging the status quo, presenting us with a series of enlightened and pragmatic people, who act, driven by a strong motivation to improve many different aspects of life. People who, instead of allowing themselves to be overcome by fear at the idea of a possible apocalypse, focus on the idea of a “new beginning”. 

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Analysis and key concepts


An engineer’s approach can unveil the inconsistencies of medical research


Participatory Medicine: we know ourselves better than any doctor!


Growing rice with respect for the environment while obtaining the best possible yield


An engine that works using a plentiful resource: air


The Participatory Budget in Brazil as a tool for the democratisation of cities


Detroit is an example of a city that is being reborn thanks to urban agriculture


From the worst school to the best in England, simply by changing the approach to learning




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Many useful tips to:

  • Appreciate that there are many people around the world who work for the good of humanity every day.
  • Understand the importance of critical thinking, to act with determination, and drop the fear of going against the grain.
  • Realise that suffering can be a powerful driver for innovation.

Writer, author, speaker and “futurologist”, Mark Stevenson is an expert in global trends. He has a degree in computer science and is author of the book An Optimist’s Tour of the Future. He has also written articles for The Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. Stevenson lives in London, where he consults for companies and organisations on cultural change and technological trends. He co-founded the company We Do Things Differently and The League of Pragmatic Optimists, a community of people united by a practical spirit and their desire to work towards a better future.

Publishing house:

Abrams Press