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What it takes

Steven Schwarzman’s secrets to success

What are the secrets to really become successful, both professionally and in our private life?In What It Takes, Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone Group, tells us his story, from his debut in the labor marketup to the point of reaching goals that even he considered unattainable. By looking back on some key events of his career, we will learn to face any situation with the right attitude and to make every situation work to our advantage.

What it takes
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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn the secrets to becoming a great manager.
  • Discover the life lessons that led the author to success.
  • Understand that we often achieve success by observing others as much as ourselves.

The author of the book:

Stephen A. Schwarzman is a businessman, an investor and an American philanthropist. He is the founder of one of the major Private Equity companies, Blackstone Group. In 2019, he was listed by Forbes as one of the top 100 most influential billionaires. Besides his business career, he has worked in close contact with some major political players, including the current U.S. president Donald Trump.


It is important to choose goals that are worthy of our energy

If we only stop to look at the objectives that have been reached, however, we are ignoring an important part of a journey that we all need to make. Pursuing a seemingly small objective is exactly the same as pursuing a big one. The only real difference between the two are the consequences that the end goal will have, not just for us, but for everyone involved, even marginally.

An important objective can become a turning point in our lives or careers, and reaching it can be the event that defines who we are. For this reason, it is important that we choose objectives that truly deserve our energy and our attention.


The key ideas of "What it takes"

It is important to choose goals that are worthy of our energy
Not only can we learn from other people’s successes, but also from their failures
The true value of a company is people; leaders learn to understand their team
A good manager is open to team communication
The first job that we have is important because it lays the groundwork for our career
To make a good impression we need to do some background research on the person in front of us
The important thing is to not shut the world out during challenging moments
When we are faced with a critical moment, it is our values that guide us
True leaders know when to act and they do so while knowing the risks
Making decisions at the right time means not being afraid of asking for time to reflect
Take-home message

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