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The scientific secrets of perfect timing

When shows us how time is a science and how we can improve our performance, our health and our personal satisfaction by applying the results of useful scientific studies. We will identify our chronotype, in order to understand our daily "when"; the best time to make decisions or how to make the most of our evenings. Daniel H. Pink offers us a series of useful tips to “kickstart” our goals, not lose motivation along the way and successfully reach our goals.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Try a distillate of over 700 studies in different cutting-edge fields: economics, anthropology, endocrinology, chronobiology, social psychology.
  • Discover how to surf the waves of the day instead of ignoring them.
  • Understand the importance of lunch breaks, naps, and walks.

The author of the book:

Daniel H. Pink authored several provocative books on business, work, and behavior, including the New York Times bestsellers Drive,To Sell is Human and A Whole New Mind. His books have been translated into 35 languages and have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. He lives in Washington D.C. with his wife and three children.


24 hours and our performance

There is a unit of time that we cannot control. We live on a planet that rotates on its own axis at a constant speed, following a regular pattern: we call this rotation “day”. 

Let's start from here: what have scientists learnt about the rhythm of a day? How can we use this knowledge to improve our performance, our health and be more satisfied?


The key ideas of "When"

24 hours and our performance
The hidden model of everyday life: at what time of the day are you the most alert?
Larks, owls and third birds: which chronotype do we belong to?
The afternoon and the power of breaks
The secret is to have a good start
Starting a new job. Four tips to do it better
Transform a slump into a spark
Ways to spark motivation during a midpoint crisis
Four ways to shape endings
Synchronization: the secrets of the group moment
Take-home message

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