Learn the key ideas of the book by Ivan Misner , Stewart Emery , Richard Sapio

Who’s in Your Room?

Know yourself better and lead a better life

Our lives are like a room with limitless space, but with only one door, through which you can only enter, but there is no way out. Anyone who comes into our room will influence us forever. Now that we know this, would we have made different choices in our lives? Are we happy with who is in our room? In the book Who’s In Your Room the three authors guide us towards an introspection aimed at understanding ourselves and our values better, and how these values need to become the key to determining who we let into our lives. By being selective about who we let into our room, we can plan a better life.

Who’s in Your Room?
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Many useful tips to:

  • Encourage self-reflection in order to help us understand ourselves better and live harmoniously.
  • Plan and manage our lives based on the values that we feel are most important and become our true selves.
  • Learn to eliminate toxic people from our lives in order to promote change.

The author of the book:

Ivan Misner is the founder of BNI (Business Networking International), the biggest organization of business contacts in the world. He is considered the top expert in his sector and he has written more than twenty New York Times best-sellers.

Stewart Emery is an entrepreneur with years of experience in training executives. He is the author of the best seller Do You Matter? – How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company , and he has been a guest on many tv and radio shows. In the 70’s he was nominated one of the ten most influential personalities of the Human Potential Movement.

Richard Sapio is an expert entrepreneur who started his first business when he was only 13 years old. He has founded more than twenty companies such as Mutual Capital Alliance Inc, a financial holding company through which more than one hundred companies have been funded. In his forty years of work, he understood that some fundamental principles, if followed, can guarantee the success of a financial company, so he founded the Business Finishing School to share his knowledge.


Give access to our room or lives only to the right people

Each and every one of our lives is like a room with unlimited space, but it has a single entrance door that lets people in and it doesn’t let anyone out. Once we understand this simple concept, it is easy to understand that the quality of our lives depends on who comes through that door, and on who we will find in our room. This book aims to be a guide on how to manage your room/life, and learn to select who to let in, because anyone who enters will influence us forever.


The key ideas of "Who’s in Your Room?"

Give access to our room or lives only to the right people
The people in our room determine our happiness
How to control the entrance door to our room
Knowing ourselves to better manage the entrance to our room
Evaluating the people already in your room
Understanding who are the people in our room
How to manage the people in your room
How do we see our room?
Planning our room so that you can live actively
Take-home message

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