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Turn your passion into a business

Wildpreneurs tells us how we can learn to turn a daydream into  a profitable and sustainable business. Photographer, cook, artisan, writer, teacher, student or retiree, the possibilities are endless: to be a "wildpreneur" you need to have a free spirit, combined with the courage and determination to transform a passion into a job and a way of life. In this book, Tamara Jacobi tells us about how she started a company in the Mexican jungle, and gives us some valuable advice that brings together the key ingredients of imagination and practicality, effort and fun, "siesta" and productivity.

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A wildpreneur is a free spirit who turns their passion into a business

The Tailwind Jungle Lodge is a small eco-sustainable adventure resort, with wooden houses, founded by the Jacobi family, to accommodate people who want to spend some quality time with each other, surrounded by unspoiled nature.

It is located in the jungle of Mexico, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, north of the town of San Pancho. Guests have access to a shared kitchen, yoga classes, surfing and adventure at their fingertips.

The Jacobi family is American, and has always enjoyed outdoor sports, and everything that can be done in the midst of nature. Tamara’s father gave her a very special gift to celebrate her graduation: a trip together in a kayak, along the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California), in Mexico.

And so, fresh out of college and eager for adventure, Tamara kayaked 800 miles in 49 days with her father and brother, sleeping on a different beach every night, lighting bonfires, rationing food supplies and facing the challenges of life in the wild.

This experience gave her the desire to make this kind of living a way of life, and a way to make a living, so she combined her love for adventure, freedom and nature to create a business. Tamara joined forces with her mother, father and brother to design and build The Tailwind Jungle Lodge, thus transforming their passion into a small company in the jungle.

After years of experience, Tamara decided to write Wildpreneurs, to share her journey, and be of help to all those who, like her, are free spirits, eager to transform their passion into a business and a lifestyle. To give a catchy name to the whole concept, she created the name ‘wildpreneur’, which is the perfect combination of being wild and free and being an entrepreneur.

What Tamara aims to communicate to us is that anything is possible, and anything is achievable, as long as we proceed with an open mind, go with the flow and trust the process.

The starting point is to imagine: we cannot go far unless we are able to imagine what we want to achieve. The kayaking trip in the waters of Mexico gave Tamara the luxury of time, and the freedom to imagine what she could create, to simply let thoughts and ideas flow without limits or judgments.

If you want to be a wildpreneur, this will be your starting point: first of all, take the freedom to daydream about your ideal life, listening to your needs, your aspirations and your values.


The key ideas of "Wildpreneurs"

A wildpreneur is a free spirit who turns their passion into a business
To become a wildpreneur, you have to get your hands dirty, be determined and learn from your mistakes
Learn to manage your finances by establishing priorities and being creative
A few practical tips to keep you on track during your entrepreneurial journey
If you feel stuck, ask yourself: what would nature do?
Be flexible and invest in yourself
If you are planning on starting a company with your family, remember to have fun!
Meditation and good intentions can help resolve conflicts and misunderstandings
Take-home message
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