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Willpower doesn’t Work

The hidden keys to success

All human beings are the result of their environment. Willpower doesn't Work explains how our identities are influenced by our surroundings and the situations we are in, as well as how, contrary to common belief, identity is not set nor unchangeable; it is rather the result of our behavior, and can thus be modified by creating an environment that activates specific behaviors we would like to carry out. If we want to change permanently, yet gradually, we should not rely on our willpower; we have to change our environment.

Willpower doesn’t Work
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Many useful tips to:

  • Manage to change and control one's life without unnecessarily wasting energy on willpower.
  • Learn how to modify the environment to achieve success.
  • Understand why the environment is important and why it shapes identity and behavior.

The author of the book:

Benjamin Hardy is the adoptive father of three children and is pursuing a research doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Clemson University. His research focuses on the psychological differences between true entrepreneurs and those who just chose that path, and his work has been published in Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Business Insider, New York Observer, Thought Catalog, and other specialized magazines and websites.


Change your surroundings to improve yourselves

It has been universally proven that willpower does not work in the long run. The modern world we live in is full of dependencies that human beings cannot resist with mere willpower. Therefore, in order to control our lives, first we must modify and control our surroundings. Once we have chosen our goals and are confident that they are right, our next step is to plan the environment we live in, so as to create the external conditions that make success inevitable. By changing our surroundings, we create the right conditions to shape ourselves and, thanks to the high level of human adaptability, we become what we want to be.


The key ideas of "Willpower doesn’t Work"

Change your surroundings to improve yourselves
We are the product of a situation
Creating an environment that leads to recovery and rest
How to create an environment that fosters positive stress and growth
Learning to be changeable and flexible
Take-home message

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