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Wonder Seeker
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Wonder Seeker

How to train our ability to feel wonder

In Wonder Seeker: 52 Ways to Wake Up Your Creativity And Find Your Joy, Andrea Scher provides 52 exercises to train our ability to be creative, to feel wonder, and to look at the world through the eyes of a child, in order to be happier and more satisfied with our lives and what we have. These practical exercises speak directly to our inner child, and encourage us to look at things from a new perspective, which allows us to see the world as a little more joyful and a lot more magical.

Wonder Seeker
Read in 11 min.
Listen in 14 min.

We can train to become wonder seekers: it’s all about where we focus our attention

The ability to feel wonder is one of the most valuable human traits, but we tend to lose sight of it as we grow older. Cynicism and stress often suppress the sense of wonder that we all possess and tap into as children. People are usually too busy, and think that wonder is a childish quality, but the ability to find wonder, and the ability to enjoy the little things in life, are gateways to joy.

We are creative creatures, who are able to experience magic in everyday life; all we need is the ability to know where to look for it, and above all, we have to remind ourselves how it feels when our eyes suddenly widen at something surprising.

Today’s society forces us to live in a culture that alienates us more and more, day after day. We would all like to be more vibrant, to have more energy, to feel more alive, but we often do not even know where to start. Creativity is the key that allows us to overcome challenges more easily, to gain clarity when thinking about our desires, and to explore how to make our life more fulfilling and meaningful.

Being creative does not mean constantly creating art: it leads us to reach into our inner well of creativity and tap into it, in order to feel happier and more alive.

A wonder seeker is someone who actively looks for things that make them happy; they are usually curious and kind people, who are extremely honest and lively. A wonder seeker does not avoid difficult challenges; they simply try to see the glass half full, and always have a smile on their face, in order to avoid focusing on the pain they are experiencing. A wonder seeker knows that by focusing on what is difficult, by facing up to reality (even when it is difficult), they become braver and more resilient. We have to ask ourselves many questions and be ready to experiment, but it is not hard to become wonder seekers.


The key ideas of "Wonder Seeker"

We can train to become wonder seekers: it’s all about where we focus our attention
Exercising our ability to wonder leads to a much happier and more fulfilling life than people would have you believe
We all possess more than one super power; we just have to recognise them, and train them constantly, in order to live a more fulfilling life
In order to experience joy, we need to train ourselves to be able to feel wonder
Appreciating the beauty surrounding us is the first step towards a happy life
The importance of gratitude and the value of sharing are two basic characteristics of joy and wonder
Indulging our inclinations and setting intentions leads to a more fulfilling life, which we can share with other people
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