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Would You Do That to Your Mother?

Turn your customers into avid fans and improve your business

Currently, customers are increasingly independent from companies! When a customer comes into contact with the people who represent the company, it becomes essential that these people "take care of them", that they take care of the customer experience in detail. All this translates into the "make mom proud" method. Would You Do That to Your Mother? reveals why a company should remove unpleasant moments from customers' lives such as waiting, complexity, uncertainty, anxiety, concern and fear, and it tells us how to do just that.

Would You Do That to Your Mother?
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Many useful tips to:

  • Transform corporate culture through a customer experience oriented approach.
  • Beat the competition by doing the right thing.
  • Help those who work in a team and have direct contact with customers.

The author of the book:

Jeanne Bliss is among the top customer-focused leadership experts and holds the chief customer officer role. For over 20 years, she has been responsible for customer experience at Lands' End, Coldwell Banker, Allstate, Mazda and Microsoft. Since 2002 she has led the transformations of customer experience for the main global organizations through her company, Customer Bliss, and has inspired the public through her numerous speeches. She is the co-founder of the Customer Experience Professional Association and has been called the "godmother of the customer experience". This is her fourth book.


A business lesson with mom

They share everything freely, they support us, they are always there for us, for better or for worse, they always have our best interest in mind, they are courageous: this is how we describe our mothers. In the same way, we can describe the companies that follow their example in the way they have decided to grow their business.

Our mothers taught us to share, to trust others, to be kind and to treat others as we would like to be treated. These lessons are still the best advice we have ever been given. The companies that "make mom proud" grow by embodying these lessons, their actions place the human being as the final point of every decision, they establish a balanced relationship with customers and partners and empower employees to act on the job as they would act at home. Such behavior cannot be learned suddenly, it takes one action and then another and another to give people examples to imitate.

This book offers you a simple way to help solicit these actions, a lens to guide your company's decisions: think of your customers as if they were your mom, think about what you do, and how you do it, from your mother's perspective. But there is more, of course, leaders must build an environment where asking these kinds of questions is celebrated and rewarded.

This perspective will bring great benefits to every part of the organization: to the people on the front line, "mom's lens" will provide help to recalibrate the answers to be given to customers on a personal level; within the organization and in the teams, the lens will solicit collaboration to improve experiences; for leaders, it will be a litmus test to determine the actions the company decides to take.

During our lives, we remember the companies and people who honored us as friends, as partners, as customers. Bilateral trust, open and honest communication and fearless sharing are the cornerstones of the relationships that mean the most to us.

As we are becoming increasingly self-sufficient in almost every part of our customer lives, it has become even more urgent that, when someone comes into contact with the humans of our company, this contact is significant. The authenticity of these connections - people's ability to truly help - is more important today than ever. Focusing on human interaction in an increasingly self-service world will set you apart.


The key ideas of "Would You Do That to Your Mother?"

A business lesson with mom
Bring the values transmitted by mom to the company
Use "soap" actions to remove unpleasant moments in customers' lives
Change the starting point and put others before yourself
How to flip traditional business practices
Take-home message

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