Learn the key ideas of the book by Tim O’Reilly


What does the future hold and why it’s up to us

Have you ever thought that the use of new technologies can bring improvements in society and make a difference in our business? Technological innovation is an unstoppable process, and O'Reilly shows us in 'WTF?' why entrepreneurs and governments should see it as an opportunity: if on the one hand it will make some job disappear, on the other hand it will create new perspectives that are unimaginable today. It all depends of course on how we will use them!

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Many useful tips to:

  • Evaluate new technology from another point of view.
  • Find out how artificial intelligence and innovative technologies can be an opportunity for a better society.
  • Understand why we should use new technologies strategically in our business.

The author of the book:

Tim O'Reilly is one of the world's most influential tech analysts. He is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, a world renowned US publishing house and one of the most authoritative sources of publications about computers and the web industry. In 2003 he coined the famous term "web 2.0" to define and frame the new internet of collaboration and conversation between users.


What does WTF mean?

WTF is the abbreviation for an exclamation that can express surprise or dismay. Both feelings are valid when we think about modern technology. Whilst new technological advances surprise us, they also generate feelings of dismay and uncertainty.

From another perspective, this acronym can also mean What's the future? What does the future hold? Where will technology take us? What will our role be?

Artificial Intelligence and innovative technologies can make the world a better place, just as the technologies of the first industrial revolution created greater well-being. Will we use them to create a better world? Or will we simply amplify the worst traits of today’s world?


The key ideas of "WTF?"

What does WTF mean?
Learning from the past to think ahead and realize that the future is already here
Lyft and Uber: business models for the economy of the future
Rethinking how it should work will take the entrepreneur to success
Look at technology as an opportunity and not a threat to the future of work
Government and technological platforms: similarities, and the need to change point of view toward the user
We are the ones who have to define how to capitalise on new technology
New rules to protect our privacy in an increasingly connected world
What the algorithms show us and how platforms are trying to defend us from fake news
Hybrid Artificial Intelligence is already among us and it’s called Google, Facebook and Twitter
Rewrite the economic rules to favor workers as well
People are not replaced, their skills are "increased", starting with school education
What should new entrepreneurs do in the era of disruptive technology
Create an economy where people matter and use technology to increase their abilities
Take-home message

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