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Your Next Big Idea

Come up with new ideas by honing your problem-solving skills

Changing jobs, making important life decisions, and starting a successful company are all actions which can result from having a good idea. However, just one good idea is not enough: you have to keep coming up with them, every day. Everyone is capable of having about a hundred a week, as long as you work on developing certain skills, such as creativity, problem solving, and finding innovative solutions. In fact, these are precisely the characteristics that everyone who has "great ideas" possesses. Learn to follow this well-defined process, through its numerous stages, and you will be on the right track to take you from defining a problem to finding the solution.

Your Next Big Idea
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Ideas come from creativity, and the ability to solve problems and find innovative solutions

Ideas are the basis of everything that a person achieves in their life: the process of idea generation can actually be organised and structured to render it increasingly efficient.

Years of experience have helped Sanders discover that the best minds in the business share some common traits (which can also be said of other sectors): creativity, problem solving, ideation, and innovation. These skills can be trained through a series of steps that begin with identifying problems, needs and desires, and asking questions. Then, there is a phase in which you need to uncover whatever stigma you need to overcome in order to proceed further, and begin solving the problems. It is essential to check that an idea is feasible, before then sharing it with other people to get their feedback, as well as to find people with whom to develop your project, with a view to completing the last step: transforming the idea into a reality.

By working on these six steps, you can improve to the point of producing a hundred new ideas every week, which correspond to at least fourteen a day: a number that seems high, but which, in reality, is not difficult to achieve after learning the necessary steps, proceeding in an organised way, and building up your own routine.


The key ideas of "Your Next Big Idea"

Ideas come from creativity, and the ability to solve problems and find innovative solutions
Observe the world around you to help you identify problems, and understand people’s needs and desires
Asking questions is part of the learning process that also helps you fill in the gaps
Identify and erase stigma to think freely
You can also break down stigma through play: rediscovering this behaviour helps creativity
Brainstorming and mind maps help to find creative solutions, leading to crazy (but effective) ideas
All ideas are potential solutions: focusing on something you are passionate about will help you choose the best ones
Testing the feasibility of an idea involves finding a solution for which there is a market right now, and the resources to make it happen
Sharing is key
Turn the idea into reality through a precise action plan, with short, medium, and long-term goals
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